It’s widely recognised disruption is taking place across most industries and anticipation to change is critical.

Catching up with what’s happening today is no longer top priority – things will have already changed.

The Traveltech Trends report provides clients unique intelligence on over 5M tech startups globally.

And through the most up-to-date and in-depth data-driven insights, we’re able to connect you with the ventures and people most influencing the change.

We also work with clients to acquire or partner with new ventures, or will often work together to create and scale a new tech business.


The Traveltech Trends Report is a joint venture between
3Sixty - a digital marketing agency specialising in Travel & Tourism. 
Tallt Ventures – a data driven intelligence & innovation business.
MangoPR – The PR experts in Lifestyle, Leisure & Travel.

Innovation consultancy
Digital Strategy, UX, Design & development


Endless digital innovation, from strategy to UX, design and technology.

3Sixty is where travel brands go digital. We're a team of highly experienced digital specialists working exclusively with leading travel and leisure brands. We'll help you transform your brand's strategy and develop innovative digital products that create powerful connections with your customers. 

We're dedicated to travel, tourism and technology, and we apply unique expertise and fresh insights, to take your customers on an effortlessly rewarding digital journey – one that begins on screen and takes them anywhere in the world.

headshot of Jon Waring

Ryan Anthoney

headshot of Jon Waring

Jon Waring

Founder & CEO

Tällt Ventures

Tällt partners with companies around the world to ensure they remain relevant, better innovate and unlock their potential by helping them better understand, assess and connect with disruption in their industry. Through the most up-to-date and in-depth data-driven intelligence on 5M ventures, we’re able to connect businesses with the startups most influencing their future.

We are a team of people who have built, run and exited some of the largest companies in the world.

We help our clients acquire, invest or partner with new ventures as well as create new businesses, products or services. For more information on working with Tällt, accessing our data intelligence or exploring a new tech business, please do get in touch.

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Matt Connolly

Founder & CEO
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Harry Clarke

Head of Research

Mango PR

Smart multi-channel campaigns that deliver real and quantifiable results. Mango PR is a boutique, international communications agency with offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We have one of the most experienced and well-connected teams in the industry and work across the UK, USA, South East Asia and Greater China. Specialists in travel and lifestyle, we’ve built an enviable reputation for creative flair and commercial acumen.  

We deliver full-service operations across: Integrated PR & digital, brand storytelling, content marketing, SEO, direct marketing, digital PR, events, brand building & management, corporate profiling, and crisis management.

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Sarah Curra

Founder & CEO
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Natalie Walsh

Digital Marketing Director

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