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An online service that helps travellers get their visa to the US, simplifying the entire process


Changing the way consumers book their holidays


Helping the global tourism industry adapt to the changing and expanding outbound Chinese travel market


AllTheRooms is an accommodation search engine that provides results from hotels and rented homes, secret deal sites, hostels and more


An app that inspires you and saves you money, Hitlist gives you the chance to create lists of where you'd like to visit then notifies you when good travel deals for those places become available


Get inspired by trips to South Asia and Australia from other Touristly users, then plan and book your own directly from the same platform


An interactive video-based trip planner that creates the ideal route based on which places you want to visit, and enables you to book your travel and accommodation


A central booking platform that puts festival tickets, travel, accommodation and more all in one simple package

Hyperloop one

A brand new mode of transport using hyperloop technology


A door-to-door travel planner


Simple and quick business travel booking via email, SMS, Skype or its self-booking platform


A startup predicting future airfare price changes and seat availability, enabling you to better plan your travel

Zunum Aero

Making electric air travel a reality, providing us with a cheap, high-speed and low-emission alternative to long car journeys.


Giving last-minute, standby travellers the opportunity to bid on cheaper, unsold airline seats, providing real-time odds on their chances.


A mobile app that not only instantly alerts you to flight disruption, but also enables you to rebook a ticket on any airline, at no extra cost, in the event of a cancellation or delay.

Go Euro

A search tool that can help you determine the best way of getting from A to B, using rail, air, bus and car - or a combination of them.


Smart luggage. With GPS to track your suitcase, a built in USB charger, digital autolocking and more, this suitcase is designed to take the stress out of travelling.


A mobile app that allows people to instantly book 4 and 5 star hotels by the minute, giving customers the flexibility and opportunity to only pay for the time they need.


Helping hotels take back control through its software-as-a-service (SaaS)platform


A quick and easy way to book a hotel


A platform which searches for cheaper rates and rebooks rooms on your behalf


A wireless charging device that can power devices up to 30 feet away, a breakthrough that could soon be seen in airports, hotels and more.


Find and book workspaces on demand at luxury hotels through mobile and online platform Bizly, no matter your budget or group size.


An online marketplace where travellers can swap their skills for accommodation around the world.


A service that enables customers to communicate directly with their hotel through popular messaging apps and SMS


Analyses global events, then determines the potential consequences for businesses, such as hotels and airlines.


A location-aware walking tour mobile app with personalised audio guides depending on the places you visit.

Waverly Labs

An in-ear language translator


"A small device that enables you to communicate through your smartphone even when you're in a ""No Service"" area of the world. "


The biggest in-destination services booking platform in Asia


An online platform that enables hotels to promote themselves through the unique experiences local to them


A social marketplace that creates opportunities for authentic, homemade cuisine experiences with locals from around the globe


App-based banking, with a multi-currency card, that uses the best exchange rate possible to manage your money no matter where you are in the world


Helping customers receive the compensation their owed in the event of flight cancellations

A travel memoir app that offers curated travel recommendations based on your interests


A digital SaaS platform which aggregates customer feedback


A trip-tracking app that automatically maps out your routes and uses your photos to create a visual digital travel diary


A point-of-purchase, real-time rating system, guaranteeing a verifiable source of feedback

Trabee Pocket

Keep track of your travel expenses no matter the currency and easily create your own expense report at the end of your trip


Maximising the amount of loyalty points you can earn at different hotels and showing you the best ways to redeem your points

Google Trips

Helping users find and organise the perfect holiday

AirBnB Trips

Bringing together places, experiences, and flights and services

Marriot & Alibaba Group

Providing Alibaba customers with access to exclusive, member-only prices to Marriott Hotels and rewards program

Kayak & Amazon Alexa

Book a hotel room using just your voice

Accor Hotels

Innovation through acquisitions and investments

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